Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mother Nature's Sound Machine

by Matt Walters
There are many healing properties involved in outdoor activities, Fly Fishing being one of those.  In Fly Fishing I believe the water is the biggest influence in this.  Why do so many people rest by the side of a river or in the sand at the beach and just listen to the water rush over the rocks or the waves crashing into the sand for hours on end?  It is like Mother Nature’s sound machine. 

No wonder they make noise makers that artificially produce these sounds to replicate this in your home for use in getting a better night’s rest or to just unwind.  There is a true healing and soothing element to these noises that manufacturers have bottled up and added batteries to.

Time on the water involves more than just listening to the rhythmic white noise of the current; In fact most of our basic senses are in constant use. In my experience, this blocks out and moves us far away from outside and internal disturbances creating a completely care free bubble of peacefulness and fishiness.  The eyes are focused on line control, distances, and current all while attempting to locate signs of fish.   The nose smells the fresh air and cool mist that comes off the water.  To tie it all together, our hand eye coordination must produce precision casts, drifts, strips, and hook sets.  There is not much else we can think about while engulfed in the moment of this entire stimulus.    
Not all days have to take on this Zen like Karate Kid feeling mentioned above although even while I am out with buddies and just goofing off the days on the water can have profound effects on your mental state and relaxation.  I've found myself in many different fishing situations over the years and each serves its purpose in rejuvenation.  

A trip away from the ringing phones, deadlines, emails, responsibilities, troubles, worries, and ailments that you may be dealing with is a necessity for a healthy life.  While on the water your mind and thoughts are shifted to the present task at hand and the issues of the day melt away with each cast you make.  The connection to the water and what you are doing is the only thing that matters in that moment.  

Mind over matter is a very true statement and I believe if you can laugh, smile, and reflect while on the water that is the best healing one can receive.  I've often left the water with a fresh perspective on life and a positive outlook. 

So in short, keep on fishing its’ good for the soul and always remember water has more properties and functions than just for drinking.

Friday, January 9, 2015

North Georgia Float Trip

A few good friends and I recently camped out and did a float trip in North Georgia the next day. We had an excellent day of fishing.  This rainbow was caught about halfway through the trip.